Community care for older people in Slovenia


  • Valentina Hlebec University of Ljubljana
  • Jana Mali University of Ljubljana
  • Maša Filipovič Hrast University of Ljubljana


older people, community care, home care, institutional care, typology, municipalities


The primary interest of this article is to understand the organisation of community care in Slovenia. There are several differences at the local level regarding how the formal care of the older people is organised (e.g. the existence of social home care services) and to what extent other services have developed (e.g. institutional care for the older people, intergenerational centres, community nursing, NGOs and interpersonal assistance). We focus on two services, institutional care and social home care, and present the typology of community care in Slovenia. Four clusters were obtained via a hierarchical method (k-means clustering). Clusters of municipalities are comprised of municipalities that have similar characteristics of care for older people, taking into account both institutional care and social home care. The results have shown that municipalities in Slovenia differ dramatically in the availability of care for the older people. Some offer only a poor quality of care (mainly smaller rural municipalities), while others offer higher quality of care and a strong combination of both institutional and social home care.