Slovene Anthropological Society is registered as a scientific society working in public interest in the research. It brings together experts who work in various areas and are organised in three sections: section of biological anthropology, section of socio-cultural anthropology, section of linguistic anthropology, or section of paleoanthropology and anthropology of archaeological periods.

The Society organises scientific meetings, lectures, and traditionally — every three years — the international conference Škerlj's days. One of the central activities of the Society includes the publishing of the anthropological journal Anthropological Notebooks. The membership in the Slovene Anthropological Society is open to everyone interested in anthropology or is professionally working in the field. You can find more information on membership on the page Membership.


President:                            Gregor Starc, Ph.D.

Vicepresident:                    Borut Telban, Ph.D.

Secretary:                            Vojko Stanovnik, Ph.D.

Accountant:                        Marjeta Kovač, Ph.D.


Administrative board:     Bogomir Novak, Ph.D.

                                                Iztok Štamfelj, M.A.


Supervising committee:  Janez Juhant, Ph.D.

                                               Nataša Gregorič Bon, Ph.D.

                                               Tatjana Novak, M.A.