Spending leisure time and activities in the third period of life


  • Tatjana Novak Šolski center za po{to, ekonomijo in telekomunikacije, Ljubljana
  • Rajko Vute University of Ljubljana


elderly, women, social inclusion, spending leisure time, sports and recreational activities


In 2006, a study of leisure time activities of women aged over 65 was carried out in the Kamnik and Domžale. Twenty-six women from Kamnik and six women from Domžale, aged 69.68 on average, were included in the research. The research was repeated in the year 2011. Twenty women from the same group still actively participated four years later, now aged 74.35 on average. The participants of the research dedicated most of their leisure time to gardening, watching TV, reading and meeting relatives and friends. Regarding sports activities, most of the women focused on hiking and going for walks, cycling, mountaineering, swimming, dancing, sleighing, alpine skiing, doing exercises at home and general exercising. The aim of the research was to determine the preferences of activities of women over sixty-five years of age and to highlight the possibilities of including these women into various social and recreational activities in the local environment, for example within the framework of senior citizens’ associations or other forms of social and adult day-care centres.