Book Reviews - 2012, Volume 18, Number 3


  • Editor


1) Vullnetari, Julie and Russell King: Remittances, Gender and Development. Albania's Society and Economy in Transition

2) Peterson, Mark Allen: Connected in Cairo. Growing up Cosmopolitan in the Modern Middle East

3) Collins, Michael: Empire, Nationalism and the Postcolonial World. Rabindranath Tagore's Writings on History, Politics and Society

4) Crehan, Kate: Community Art: An Anthropological Perspective

5) Geertz, Armin W. and Jeppe Sinding Jensen: Religious Narrative, Cognition and Culture: Image and Word in the Mind of Narrative

6) Hegeman, Susan: The Cultural Return

7) Kreinath, Jens: The Anthropology of Islam Reader

8) Lindenfeld, David and Miles Richardson: Beyond Conversion and Syncretism. Indigenous Encounters with Missionary Christianity, 1800-2000

9) Ní Laoire, Caitríona, Fina Carpena-Mendez, Naomi Tyrrell and Allen White: Childhood and Migration in Europe. Portraits of Mobility, Identity and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland

10) Barnard, Alan J. and Jonathan Spencer: The Routledge Encyclopaedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology

11) Collins-Mayo, Sylvia and Pink Dandelion: Religion and Youth