Book Reviews - 2012, Volume 18, Number 1


  • Editor


1) Walkowitz, Daniel and Lisa Maya Knauer: Contested Histories in Public Space: Memory, Race and Nation

2) Kulpa, Robert and Joanna Mizielinska: De-Centering Western Sexualities. Central and Eastern European Perspectives

3) Barcan, Ruth: Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Bodies, Therapies, Senses

4) Pardo-de-Santayana, Manuel, Andrea Pieroni and Rajindra K. Puri: Ethnobotany in the New Europe: People, Health and Wild Plant Resources

5) Per Axelsson and Peter Sköld: Indigenous Peoples and Demography. The Complex Relation Between Identity and Statistics

6) Gregg, Melissa: Work's Intimacy

7) Dinero, Steven C.: Settling for Less: The Planned Resettlement of Israel's Negev Bedouin

8) Abadan-Unat, Nermin: Turks in Europe: From Guest Worker to Transnational Citizen

9) Mencej, Mirjam and Dan Podjed: Ustvarjanje prostorov