Book Reviews - 2009, Volume 15, Number 3


  • Editor


1) Smith, Daniel Jordan: A Culture of Corruption: Everyday Deception and Popular Discontent in Nigeria.

2) Craig Jeffrey and Jane Dyson: Telling Young Lives. Portraits of Global Youth

3) Michael Jackson: The Palm at the End of the Mind. Relatedness, Religiosity, and the Real

4) Heather Montgomery: An Introduction to Childhood: Anthropological Perspectives on Children’s Lives

5) Rik Pinxten and Lisa Dikomitis: When God Comes to Town. Religious Traditions in Urban Contexts

6) Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern: Exchange and Sacrifice

7) Hastings Donnan and Fiona Magowan: Transgressive Sex: Subversion and Control in Erotic Encounters

8) Deborah L. Nichols and Patricia L. Crown: Social Violence in the Prehispanic American Southwest