Book Reviews - 2014, Volume 20, Number 1


  • Editor


1) Phillips, Lynne and Sally Cole: Contesting Publics. Feminism, Activism, Ethnography

2) Navaro-Yashin, Yael: Red Tape.The Make-Believe Space. Affective Geography in a Postwar Politya

3) Howes, David and Constance Classen: Ways of Sensing. Understanding the Senses in Society

4) Halilovich, Hariz: Places of Pain. Forced Displacement, Popular Memory and Trans-local Identities in Bosnian War-torn Communities

5) Sheller, Mimi: Citizenship from Below: Erotic Agency and Caribbean Freedom

6) Collier, Stephen: Post-Soviet Social: Neoliberalism, Social Modernity, Biopolitics

7) Billé, Franck, Grégory Delaplace and Caroline Humphrey: Frontier Encounters. Knowledge and Practice at the Russian, Chinese and Mongolian Border

8) Miller, Daniel and Sophie Woodward: Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary

9) Ateljevic, Irena, Nigel Morgan and Annette Pritchard: The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Creating an Academy of Hope (Routledge Advances in Tourism)

10) Auyero, Javier: Patients of the State: The Politics of Waiting in Argentina

11) Hazel, Andrews and Les Roberts: Liminal Landscapes. Travel, Experience and Spaces In-between (Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility Series)